Top 20 Banting Bread Recipes

In no particular order, find the top 20 tried and tested Banting Breads and Rolls!

They are ALL green list.

Just click on their name to go to the recipe!

20. Sunflower Seed Microwave Bread

19. Nut Butter Bread

18. Steamed Banting Bread

17. Bone Broth Mug Bread

16. Green List Gem Squash Bread

15. Pumpkin Bread

14. Coconut Yeasty Bread

13. Yeasty White Bread Rolls

12. Coconut Mug Bread

11. Heba Yeast Bread

10. Bacon and Cheese Bread

9. Banting Yeasty Bread with video

8. Yeasty Coconut almond mix

7. Mushroom Bread

6. Cheese and Tomato Bread

5. Spinach and Feta Bread

4. Heba Pap Soft Rolls

3. Cheap and Cheesy Bread

2. Bacon, Onion and Cheese Loaf

1. Herb and Feta Bread


  1. Can we not find any ofvthis types of bread in selected shops? Have problem with baking.

  2. Yes, food lovers market sell the heba bread


Broccoli and Cheese Savoury muffins

Ingredients: 120g broccoli floret pieces 120g heba pap 120ml milk 3 eggs 2 tsp baking powder 60g feta, crumbled 40g grated cheddar 1/2 tsp s...