Banting Yeasty Bread - with instructional video

The BEST Banting Bread you will ever eat. Yes, I am that confident of it!
Huge thanks to Rita Venter for finding this little gem!

I made an instructional video which you can view below, but to find out the ingredients used - use the recipe posted below it!


1 cup lukewarm water
1 pkt yeast (10g)
1 tbs Honey (14g)
5 whole eggs
2.5 cups almond flour (250g)
10 tbs psyllium husk (50g)
1.5 tsp salt (6g)


Preheat oven to 180C.
Prepare a loaf tin (line with baking paper and grease well)
Add Yeast, honey and water to a bowl.
Mix well then set aside for 5 minutes to allow it to ferment.
Beat eggs in a bowl until well aerated (see video above).
Fold in the almond flour, psyllium and salt.
Add the yeast mixture and mix well.
Don't be too worried about it looking a bit runny, the psyllium will thicken the mixture.
Bake for 45 minutes.
Allow to cool before removing from tin, then allow to cool completely before slicing.

Find the nutritional information for the loaf below.

I got 20 slices from it, so that's around 2.2g net carbs per slice, taking all ingredients into account. The honey is eaten by the yeast though, but I still added it for completeness sake.

Per slice, the portions in the Carb Wise App would be:

Fat: 0.56 - Protein: 0.15 - Carbs: 0.07

For the Love of Banting


  1. Do you have to use honey? or can you use Xylitol too

    1. You would have to use honey, as yeast needs sugar to grow. But the yeast "eats" the sugar.

  2. Where can I buy almond flour that won't break the bank?

  3. Would cocunut flour work perhaps????

  4. Is it 10 tablespoons of psyllium husk or 10 teaspoons?

  5. I would use sunflower seed flower or a mixture of golden flaxseed and sunflower. Its much cheaper. Would that work?


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