Monday, 5 March 2018

The NEW Banting Lists - March 2018

Ok, let me explain how the lists work.

Although working from the lists is crucial - it is not the be all to end all.

You HAVE TO download the Beginners Guide to Banting from Banting 7 Day Meal Plans.

The information contained in that document is really the most comprehensive, informative Banting guide you will get - FREE or PAID! (and that happens to be completely free of charge - so please get downloading.

Below however are the three lists.

We don't have rainbow lists because we believe in keeping it simple.

The Green List:

The Above list has all the foods that you can eat every day.

There are cautionary carb values next to those that are a little more than our usual "under 6g carbs" means green list - otherwise you have healthy unprocessed meats, vegetables and fruits under 6g/100g net carbs, approved sweeteners and healthy fats on this list.
Remember that Dairy like Milk, amasi and yoghurt - unless you are tracking your consumption - the general guide suggests only 100ml in total of any one of the three.
Why? The carbs quickly add up - as most are 5g/100ml or grams.

The Orange List:

Let me explain to you how the Orange List ACTUALLY works.

The orange list is not a NO list - it is a "sometimes" list.
Sometimes refers to whether you are here to lose weight or not too.
It does not mean you can't EVER have orange list if you are not at Goal Weight.
"Sometimes" however depends on you and whether you are diabetic or insulin resistant. Orange list, because it is higher in carbs - has more of an ability to spike your blood sugar levels - which we are generally looking to avoid.
Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms as well as children can basically eat freely off the Orange list so as to stay out of ketosis. (So keeping your net carbs to above 50g per day)

The Red List:

Red list is the NEVER List.

With the exception of occasional oats and brown rice for children, it is off limits and not healthy for ANYONE! You are not "missing out" of any nutrients if you cut the above foods out completely!

To download them directly, click on the three dots at the top of your current browser, then click "Open with" and choose your current browser. You will then be able to click on each picture and save as you would normally off Google.


  1. Help everyone out and post them yourself then please. How about that?

  2. Help everyone out and post them yourself then please. How about that?

  3. Help everyone out and post them yourself then please. How about that?

  4. please help. I have reached my desired weight, how do I maintain it. which foods do I have to eat

  5. Add in foods from the orange list and see which one's work for you. Could start with butternut, sweet potato once in a while .

  6. in banting diet, I like this explicit list of what you can eat and what to avoid


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