Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Banting School Lunchboxes

If you would like your child to Bant - use the lunchboxes below for school ideas, and the post about Kids and Banting found here for tips and tricks.

To get to the respective recipes for the lunchboxes below - click on the highlighted words in the description of the lunchboxes.

Please remember to pack as much as your child will eat or need to eat. These are guidelines only.
Please remember to provide hydration for your child - drink options below.
Remember to Check Back into this post for extra ideas when they become available.

A huge thanks goes to Debbie Strydom for these amazing lunchboxes! Lucky Marchelle!

Drink Options:

Water, Sugar Free Bos Ice Tea, Footy's Cooldrink (Available at Dischem or Caring Candies online), Homemade Ice Tea, Homemade Milkshakes


Day 1:

Almond flour bagel with butter and cheese, you can add cooked ham or leftover meat, with a baby cucumber and water.

Day 2:

Almond flour bagel with cream cheese , lettuce and hickory ham. Add some fruit and remember Water.

Day 3:

Egg muffins and Baby cucumbers.

Day 4:

Egg muffins and red plums

Day 5:

Apple pies and yogurt.

Day 6:

Apple Pies and Crackling Crisps (Food Lovers Market)

Day 7:

Coconut - free Carrot cake muffins, Cheese, cucumber and salami stick's and 2 blocks of caring candies chocolate.

Day 8:

Coconut - free Carrot cake muffins,  yogurt and a Peach.

Day 9:

Stuffed Egg rolls, cherry tomatoes and cucumber
You can use whatever your child likes as stuffing for the egg rolls...tuna mayo, ham and cheese, etc.

Day 10:

If your don't have time to cook: 
Rolled up cooked ham, cheese, Cherry tomatoes , baby corn and a boiled egg.
2 blocks of watermelon. Two tips for this days lunchboxes: put popsicle sticks into the watermelon...easier to eat - and if you don't want your childs lunchbox smelling - allow them to peel the egg themselves at school!

Day 11:

Yeasty Coconut Muffins (Use the Coconut yeast bread as a base for this) with some caring candies sweets and a yogurt.

Day 12:

Coconut Yeasty Bread Ham and Cheese Sandwiches with Caring candies sweets on the side.

Day 13:

Meatballs, Carrot and coleslaw salads

Day 14:

Meatballs with Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Corn and Cucumber

Day 15:

Mini Pizzas with Carrot salad and cucumber.

Day 16:


Banting Cinnabons with a peach and biltong

Day 17:

Coconut Flour Mug Bread with topping of choice. This is Cheese.
Served with Pineapple and Cucumber

Day 18:

Chicken Nuggets, Pork Crackling, baby corn and strawberries

Day 19:

Banting Friendly Sausage, Boiled egg, Sugar Snap peas and 2 Apricots. Add some Carb Smart if you want

Day 20:

Banting Friendly Chicken nuggets with sweet potato chips and blocks of cheese. Add Carb Smart Sauce if you want.

Day 21:

Banting Savoury Scones with a Peach and yogurt

Day 22:

Coconut Yeasty Bread Toasted hickory ham and cheese sandwiches.

Day 23:

Coconut Yeasty Bread Toasted hickory ham and cheese sandwich with Strawberries and Biltong.

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