Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Castle Lite

The words on many lips at the moment is : what can I drink during december, but maintain my lifestyle?

The answer to this question was answered by Rita Fernandes Venter in her recent facebook live video.

At only 2g net carbs per 330ml bottle - theyre not going to break the bank. 

Do remember that they contain alcohol which can stall your loss, but they do make up one of the best alcohol choices when you're low carb.

From the Castle Lite website:

"In 1994 at the start or a new democratic era in South Africa; a time or opportunity and possibility.

Castle Lite arrived and shook up the market, changing the South African beer game forever.

Our mission: to provide the coldest and most refreshing beer on the South African market.

South African beers have progressed since then; and Castle Lite has always led the pack.

The brand's first innovative move was changing from brown glass to green. And despite the evolution of the packaging over the last 20 years, the taste and quality hasn't changed.

Our premium beer boasts a clear, golden liquid that goes down as smoothly as it always has.

It's lower in kilojoules and contains 4.0% alcohol, but there's nothing light about the taste of Castle Lite. It matures at Extra Cold temperatures to unlock a crisper, cleaner taste; resulting in a medium-bodied refreshing lager with a distinct hopped bitterness and low sweetness."

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