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In this post you will see various portions, the general myth of what macronutrient most think it is, and what it really is!

Cheddar cheese:

The question was - a tablespoon size piece of cheese (weight 40g) - is it fats, protein or carbs. Luckily many did say all 3, but most still think its a fat.

Cheddar cheese and infact all cheeses, contain fat, protein and a little carbs.

As you can see below, 40g as shown above is equal to 1 fat, and almost a 3rd Of a protein portion. It also contains 1.24g net carbs per 40g.


The question was - what do you think this is - carbs, fat or protein. Most answered fats.

Its actually mostly fat but some protein and obviously some carbs... See below.

26g is almost 1 fat and almost 1/5 portion of protein with 2.35g net carbs per 26g.

Milk, Amasi and Double cream yoghurt.

The question was - how much is too much, and what does it count as.

Our recommendation is that if you don't have the app to track exactly what you're having - then no more than 100ml - and that means in total. If youre having 50ml milk, you have 50ml left of either yoghurt or milk for the day.

I know you may be asking why - but as u can see from below - the carba in these per 100ml is pretty high. 

100ml of each is:

Milk: 0.27 fat 0.11 protein and 0.16 carb portions
Amasi is 0.28 fat 0.11 protein and 0.15 carb portions
Double cream yoghurt listed is 0.56 fat 0.11 protein a d 0.17 carb portions

The best of the three looks to be the yoghurt as it is about half a fat portion per 100ml with some protein and some carbs too. Amasi and milk are actually very similar.

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