Monday, 6 November 2017

No-Bake Passion Fruit Cheesecake


350g cream cheese, softened
250ml cream
2 scoops footys passion fruit flavour and 1 tsp
3-4 tbs sweetener
1.5 cups almond flour or heba or sunflower seed flour
4 tbs butter
2 tsp gelatin
80ml boiling water
1 tsp gelatin with 200ml boiling water
1 granadilla/passion fruit


Mix flour with melted butter and 1 tbs sweetener (more or less to taste) and press down in spring form pan.
In a bowl, mix 2 tsp gelatin with 80ml boiling water to dissolve.
Whip cream until soft peaks form, and while mixing, add gelatin water mixture.
Beat until incorporated.
Mix footys with softened cream cheese, then add 1 tbs sweetener.(more or less to taste)
Fold in whipped cream.
Smooth over base, then refrigerate again.
In a bowl, dissolve 1 tsp gelatin with 200ml boiling water and 1 granadilla/passion fruit, and 1 tsp footys, as well as 1 tbs sweetener.
Pour over top of cream cheese mixture, and allow to set before serving.

2.9g net carbs per serving (sliced into 16 slices).

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