Thursday, 7 September 2017

NEW: UPDATED Banting Lists - September 2017

Every few months, we (Banting 7 Day Meal Plans) review the current Banting Lists to see where, if at all, it can be bettered.

We were the forerunners in amending lists, first with beetroot to the orange list, then frozen peas to the green list, as well as baby corn - then the addition of Peanuts and beans to the orange list (if prepared correctly!) - and lets not forget about blanched carrots!!

Now, there have been a few additions to the current green list, some coming off orange - see if you can spot them!

Orange list has been separated into two fruit categories - over 10g/100g and under 10g/100g. Vegetables have their carb values added too, for ease of reference.

Get your Copies below!

Please Click on the images to enlarge, then save.

For the Love of Banting

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  1. Thanks, your red list is cut off at the bottom slightly.


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