Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kambas Gem Squash Pizza Base - Kamba Mpenge


Prepare the gem squash:

Bake 4 gem squash whole in the oven for 30minutes at 180C, allowed them to cool.

Peel and remove the seeds then use a kitchen cloth to squeeze out all the liquid. Puree the resulting flesh with a hand held blender.

The pizza base ingredients:

Pureed cooked gem squash


2Tbs psyllium husk 


Add ingredients to bowl.

Mix thoroughly.

Prepare a baking sheet - grease well or line with baking paper.

Once shaped bake in the oven at 180C for 15minutes.

I flipped it over and baked the other side for another 15minutes.

Chop veggies and gather toppings.

Fry bacon bits, reserving oil to fry mince.

Fry mince is left over bacon oil

Remove finished pizza base from oven.

Spread tomato sauce of choice (can be from leftover stew if you wish).

Layer with mince.

Layer with bacon bits.

Layer the vegetables on top of the meat.

Grate the cheese on top.

Bake until cheese completely melted.

Garnish with herbs of choice and serve!

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