Carb Wise: How to Register

Below, you will find instructions on how to Register to use the Carb Wise app, with a short text instruction underneath.


Read through the information, and choose ACCEPT if you wish to continue.

Start filling in all your details

Remember to toggle the slider on, to view your Password - incase you make an error when selecting your password.

To add your Birthdate, select the date shown. A new screen will pop up.

Select the year at the top, as shown above.

Scroll up to the year of your birth and select it.

Select your month and date, then select OK at the bottom of your screen.

Select your Gender, then select the Unit Type.

If you're in South Africa, the unit of measure we use here is Metric.

Once all your information is correctly filled in. Select REGISTER at the bottom of your screen to complete your registration.

After this, you will be shown Screen #1 at the top, where you will use your Email Address and Password to Sign in to the app.

Happy Banting!

For the Love of Banting

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