Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Flat Tummy Challenge

Do you want a Flat Tummy?

This one is DEFINITELY for you.

Let me explain it for you.

Stubborn tummy fat usually means one thing: Insulin Resistance.

According to a study at Garvan Institute of Medical Research, St. Vincent's Hospital, in Sydney, Australia - Tummy fat is the major determining factor of of insulin resistance in, particularly, women!

So, what is that? Well, because your insulin doesn't work properly in the liver, when you eat carbs and sugar, it can't be stored there because the liver doesn't recognise the insulin, and because it isn't recognising it, it signals the body (ie pancreas) to secrete more insulin.

This means you can't store the glucose in the liver, and you can't store it in the muscles - so your body ends up storing it as fat.

All is not lost!

Insulin Resistance CAN be reversed.
You CAN lose the tummy...
and end up with a FLAT TUMMY.

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This is how:

Challenge starts on 2nd January 2019.
The best way to do this would be to utilize the one way to make Banting work to best of its ability, and to the best of YOUR ability!

That would be using Ratios. Ratios can be got from the Carb Wise App (Download links below)

Now, how it works, is it takes your weight, height, gender, age and level of physical activity into account when it works out specific Banting Ratios related to all your personal stats.

It gives you the exact amount of protein, fat and carbs - in grams as well as portions) you should/can eat to optimize weight loss - but do so without the use of supplements, any expensive teas or crazy crash dieting. You eat delicious foods, real foods that provide nutrients that are important for you.

This allows you to LOSE the MOST weight in the shortest amount of time - while still banting properly and putting your health first!

Below, we have carefully worked out meal plans for ratios provided.
They include ALL the meals, every item has been added to the Carb Wise App for exact portions. You can use one of the below meal plans if you want - or you can work out your own based on your ratio.

All the items in the app are categorised into various lists to make it easy for you to choose green list foods, but if you need a quick list to take with to the shops:


If your ratio works out to be 5 Fats, 3 Proteins and 1 Carb, your meal plan is:

If your ratio works out to be 6 Fats, 3 Proteins and 1 Carb, your meal plan is:

If your ratio works out to be 7 Fats, 3 Proteins and 1 Carb, your meal plan is:


If your ratio works out to be 8 Fats, 4 Proteins and 1 Carb, your meal plan is:

If your ratio works out to be 9 Fats, 4 Proteins and 1 Carb, your meal plan is:

If your ratio works out to be 10 Fats, 4 Proteins and 2 Carbs, your meal plan is:

If your ratio works out to be 10 Fats, 5 Proteins and 2 Carbs, your meal plan is:

IF your ratio isn't listed - Please use one of those available and tweak where necessary.

The Rules for the Challenge are as follows:

1. To get your ratio, you need to download the CARB WISE APP here for Android devices or here for Apple Devices.
2. After you have filled in all your relevant information into your profile and your weight under the weight tab, you then work out your ratio under the portions tab. Once you have your correct ratio - you come BACK here (so don't forget to bookmark the page) to find out which meal plan suits YOU.
3. Stick to the meal plan as much as possible.
4. Only weigh yourself before and after the challenge.
5. Try to keep it green list. If you add in some orange list items, make sure its within your ratios. Red list is a complete no no.
6. Remember that the ratio is the maximum amount you can have, per day, for weight loss. See it as a "cap" or a "highest amount you can have" rather than a target that must be reached every day. If you still have a fat or protein left, its fine. We just suggest that those doing the 5 Fats, 3 Protein and 1 carb -  stick to their ratios as much as possible as we don't want anyone under eating, as by undereating - you can actually stall your weight loss too!
7. If your ratio is greater than those pictured above, you could either adapt those from above or double up on the smaller ones making minor adjustments.
8. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them on Banting 7 Day Meal Plans
9. Can you drink the lemon water touted as Flat Tummy Water? Yes, the Vitamin C in the lemon is good for you anyway, but it's not going to hold any magical properties!

To work out your ratios, and for more info on how to work the app, please follow this link:

Carb Wise Tutorials

For the Love of Banting


  1. Hi
    I have the app.
    Are the grams of food pre cooked or cooked food? Raw meat has alot of liquid in it.
    Please confirm as starting tomorrow.

  2. Hi there, I don't get notifications re comments here - they're raw weights. :)

  3. i need link to download on PC all these links here are notsupporting it . all are for downloading either on Android or Apple devices

    1. Hi, What is your ratio? I'll download and copy for you

    2. can you do it for me please

    3. Hey can you also help me i cant seem to get the carb app coz they r refusing my card i use standard bank bit its not workin inbox me my weight is currently 85kg and in 1.65m tall and i exercise 3 times a week

  4. Hi How long is the Tummy Challenge? Just 5 days?

    1. I also want to know this answer please.

  5. I can't download the app to work out my ratios. Please help.

  6. Hi there. I cant read the menus...they are not clear..can anyone help pls?

  7. Hi I am unable to download app my weight is 68kg and 1.6 tall which ration should i follow

  8. How long is the challenge?

  9. The app is not supported in my country �� how can i work out my ratios?

  10. Does no one answer on this platform?

  11. Hi I my weght is 91,2 and I am 1:6 meters tell what is my ratio

  12. Hi, the ratio can only be worked out on the carb wise app.
    The challenge is 5 days, as the meal plans suggest.
    As iaid above - I don't get notifications here. All urgent questions can be directed to Banting 7 day meal plans.

    1. I've tried to download carbwise app but I'm failing.Can you please count for me.I'm currently weighing 85 kg.

  13. I'm also at a "blonde moment" crisis wrt "Ratios" 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️

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  16. How long will the flat belly challenge take?

  17. Hi are my ratios correct? Entered all my information in the carbide app and the ratio I get is 40,20,7 please help

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