Ultimate Guide to What's REALLY on Your Plate: Basic Breakfast

Sometimes its good to know whats on your plate - the amount of fat you have had in a meal, as well as protein and Carbs. I thought I'd take the general meals many have and show you exactly what you're having!

First up - A General breakfast:
Lets take 3 slices streaky bacon - around 75g,
2 Fried eggs
1 whole medium avocado

The eggs having been fried in the bacon fat, and 1/2 tsp salt used on the avocado and egg combined

So what have you ACTUALLY had?

So whats the breakdown for your ENTIRE meal, including the salt?

Fat content: 51.15g
Protein content: 32.65g
Net Carbs: 4.1g

And electrolyte wise?

Sodium: 1903.8mg
Potassium: 991
Magnesium: 60g

With a meal like above, you're well on your way to get the required electrolytes for daily use!

To get these EXACT values and to log your foods with proper nutritional values, as well as whether your meal works out to fats or proteins...
Download the CARB WISE APP here for Android devices

or here for Apple Devices.

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