Friday, 14 April 2017

Crispy, Sweet and Salty Salad

I am personally not big into salads, but hat was because previously i always expected them to be either these leafy things with loads of lettuce and raw tomato, etc (i have a slight aversion to both) or these carb filled salads like pasta salad etc.

But, since experimenting with the "ultimate braai salad), I know that others are more than possible, so today I've made this.


2 medium sweet potato
(I used one white and one orange, the color doesn't matter!)
2 rounds of feta
Half bag pitted olives
4 peppadews or 1/2 roasted pepper


Wash, peel and chop sweet potatoes, and steam until just tender.
Deep fry in holsum or coconut oil until the edges are crisp. 
Cut feta into cubes, slice peppadews or peppers and half the olives.
Place all into a bowl and mix well.

Remember that sweet potato is orange list, so be careful of portions. 


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