Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Holsum: Is it banting friendly?

Holsum is made of pure palm oil, which is an excellent source of vitamins 
A and D, and has no additives or preservatives.

 Palm oil is suitable for vegetarians, as well as for Kosher and Halaal cooking. Holsum contains naturally occurring solid fats and has not been artificially hardened through a process called hydrogenation, and thus contains no Trans Fatty Acids (which have been discovered to be highly toxic to humans) .
Holsum is a fantastic shortening agent, as it is 100% fat, with good plasticity, which means that it melts slowly when baked.

The company that produces Holsum have long standing plantations - they are also a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil - which means they have to go by a certain code of do's and donts in order to become a member if the RSPO.

Its a vegetable oil? Yes, it is. So is coconut oil, olive oil or any oil derived from a plant source. It is however perfect for banting, just like coconut oil is!

So in short:

Its Not hydrogenated (if it was, it would be red list).
Its an Ethically sourced and produced palm oil in South Africa and a member of rspo. 
Its very Affordable.
Therefore Perfect for banting


  1. Thanks alot, just bought some and saw on another site that all veg oils are a no-no so this clears that up. Trying to budget here butter is way too expensive

  2. Hi, where in SA can you buy this? Can't seem to find anything online

    1. I bought a few packs at Shoprite on unday. It literally cost R6.99. I was so shocked.


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