Monday, 27 March 2017

Carb Wise Banting 5 Day Dairy Free Meal Plan - 7 Fats, 3 Proteins, 1 Carb

Do you struggle with your weight stalling? Dairy could be your issue.
In some - dairy seems to stall weight loss - do you relate?
Try this DAIRY FREE meal plan - and tweak it to YOUR ratios!

If you don't yet have your ratios, follow the steps below on how to get it...
This is a 5 day meal plan that is specifically worked out to be approximate values for the carb wise app for the portions of 7 Fats, 3 Proteins and 1 Carb - DAIRY FREE.
By Elize Swart.

Download the CARB WISE here for Android devices
or here for Apple Devices.

Day 1:

3 egg omelette or scramble
1 tbs olive oil
3 strips streaky bacon
1 cup coffee/tea with 50ml coconut milk

4 seedcrackers
1/4 avo
4 thin slices cucumber

Take 80g mince, add salt a pepper and mix.
Make 1 big patty.
Fry in 1 tbs olive oil
When done take out and keep aside
In same pan fry one big brown mushroom, only for a few minutes
Take out. Fry 1/2 cup diced tomato & onion in same pan.
Plate mushroom in plate
Top with patty & tomato sauce

Day 2:

3 tbs granola with 
100ml coconut milk
1 cup coffee/tea black

 3 boiled eggs diced
1/2 cup diced tomato
2 tbs diced onion
Mix well

Grill 130g chicken in oven (thighs or drumsticks)
1 cup pumpkin steamed and drained
Add the dripping of chicken into the pumpkin
Then, add 2 tbs coconut
Cream, salt & pepper into pumpkin and mix well.

Day 3:

80g haddock cooked in 1/4 cup water & 40ml coconut milk
When done take out.
In same pan add 2 eggs and 100g mushrooms.
Cook and serve.
To drink: 1 cup coffee/tea & 3 tbs coconut milk

6 thin slices cucumber (60g)
Mix 100g tuna in water drained
With 3 tbs banting mayo
Top cucumber slices with tuna mix

Cut 120g banting boerewors in 1 cm pieces.
Cook in little water till it starts to fry in its own fat.
Add 60g diced onion..half cup diced tomato ..fry few minutes.
Add 200g cooked and drained cabbage.. add salt&pepper
To drink: 1 cup coffee or tea with 4 tbs coconut milk

Day 4:

Fry 100g mix pepper( and 30g diced onions in 1 tbs olive oil
When done add 30g diced tomato
Add 1/4cup water then salt&pepper
Break 2 eggs on top
Put lid on and cook slow till egg yolk is to your taste
1 cup coffee/tea with 2 tbs coconut milk

6 seed crackers
40g salami.. or 40g ham

100G  chicken breast with skin on
Cooked in little water
In 1.5 tablesp olive oil fry 40g onions and 60g tomato(diced)
When done add 100g steamed green beans, add salt&pepper

Day 5:

3 eggs mixed with 1tbs coconut milk..salt& pepper
Make an Omelette using 1 tbs olive oil to fry in.
Fry 3 strips diced streaky bacon
Add 1/2cup mushrooms,
1/4 cup diced tomato
Put in omelette.
To drink: 1 cup tea/coffe with 2 tbs
Coconut milk

1 cup tea/ coffee with 3.5 tbs Coconut milk

2  loin lamb chops
Grill.. keep aside
Mix the drippings of chop with
2.5 tbs olive oil..
Place chunks pumpkin (1cup)
Carrots chunks (1/2 cup)
Half Onion chunks 
In an oven dish.. rub with the oil
Mix over veggies..
Salt & pepper and rosemary
Can add little water if you desire.
Put in oven at 180 till veggies are done.

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