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Banting Meal Plan - Carb Wise 10:5:2

If you don't yet have your ratios, follow the steps below on how to get it...
This is a 5 day meal plan that is specifically worked out to be approximate values for the carb wise app for the portions of 10 Fats, 5 Proteins and 2 Carbs.
By Elize Swart.


Egg muffins
60ml grated cheese
3 tablesp diced onion
1 cup cooked diced spinach
1 teasp melted butter
Mix all with salt & pepper
Put in greesed muffin pan or
A baking dish
Bake at 180 till done
tea/coffee with 15ml cream

Biltong salad
1 cup diced lettuce
1 cup diced tomatoe
3 tablesp diced onion
Half cup feta cheese
4 tablesp banting mayo
Mix.. add 40g sliced biltong on top
tea/coffee with 15ml cream

2 chicken thighs with skin grilled
Steam 125g broccoli..125g green beans and 250g cauliflower
When done add 1 tablesp butter and half cup feta.. salt&pepper
Black tea/coffee with xylitol
And 2 -3 lit water per day


2 eggs omelette in 7ml olive oil
Fill with 40g grated cheddar
100g sliced raw mushrooms
Tea/coffee with 20ml cream

100g olives
3 slices salami
3 seed crackers
100g cottage cheese
1small tomato
Tea/coffee with 2tablesp cream

2 lamb chops with fat +- 140g
Fry in 3teasp olive oil
Steam 1 cup grean beans&100g carrots
In 2 tablesp butter fry 3 tablesp diced onion..add 1/2 tesp garlic and 1/2cup tomato diced
Add veggies salt&pepper
And 2tablesp cream
Tea/coffee with 2 tablesp cream


275 ml yogurt
25g sunflower seeds
25g pumpkin seeds
Mix with 2 teasp xylitol
2 tablesp cream in coffee/tea

4 cooked eggs
Half of small avo
40g feta cheese
3 seed crackers +-30g
1 small tomato
15ml cream in tea/ coffee

150g mince mix in salt&pepper
Make 4 meatballs
Fry in 3 tablesp olive oil
Take out set aside
In same pan fry 1/2 cup diced onion
Add 1/2cup diced tomato
Then add 1and half cup steamed cabbage..salt&pepper
Plate cabbage in with
15ml cream in tea/coffee
2-3 lit water per day

100 back bacon diced= 8 strips
Fry in 2 tablesp olive oil
Add 50g diced onion=5 tablesp
Add 100g sliced mushrooms
Add 5 eggs..salt&pepper
Scramble.. plate up
Top with 60g grated cheddar cheese
2 tablesp cream in tea/coffee

4 Slices salami
2tablesp cream in tea/coffee

fry 1/2cup diced onion in 
1 tbsp olive oil and 1/2teasp garlic
Add 350g pumpkin(not butternut)
250ml chick stock &250ml water
Cook till soft
Add salt&pepper
Blitz with hand blender
Add 100ml coconut cream
Dish in soup bowl top with 1x 30g  camembert cheese and 1 strip crunchy bacon

Late night
15ml cream in tea/coffee
2-3lit water per day


80G banting wors cook in little water till braai in own fat..
2 baked eggs in 1 tablesp butter &1 teasp water.. put lid on.. till done
In same pot where wors is fried in .. fry 3 thick slices tomato and 120g sliced mushrooms
40g cheddar cheese
15ml cream in tea/coffee

60g tuna in water drained
2 tablesp mayo
1/2 cup diced green pepper
 Devide tuna mix in half. Cut 1 avo and dish in both halves of avo
15ml cream in tea/ coffee

Pork loin chop 120g.. grilled
Steam 2 cups cauliflower..
Drain..add 3teasp butter salt&pepper... blitz with handblender..(cauli mash) &
Salad.. 1 small tomato..diced
3 tablesp diced onion
1 cup diced cucumber
2 cups diced lettuce
Mix.. add 2 tablesp lemon juice
Salt& pepper
15 ml cream in tea/ coffee

2-3lit water per day

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