Banting Ginger Ale - Joey Louw


10 L water
500g Erythritol
45g ginger root, peeled and grated
50g cream of tartar
250ml freshly squeezed lemon juice.
10 ml vanilla extract


Take 5L Water and pour into a pot.
Mix water with erythritol, ginger, cream of tartar, lemon juice and vanilla extract and let it boil for 30 min stirring occassionaly.
Let Ginger Ale cool down before mixing with remaining water.
Pour remaining 5L cold water in a bucket and mix in Ginger Ale.
Stir mixture well. Do not cover until it mixture has cooled down completely.
Pour in 2L plastic containers and place in fridge and let it chill over night!

Best served well chilled!
Makes 40 servings of 250ml each

Calories per serving 2.99
Fats 0.00075
Protein 0.00125
Carbs 0.023

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