Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hairloss while Banting?

💇💇 Hair Loss 💇💇

The topic of hair loss seems to be a thing for some that go low carb. The problem may manifest itself between month 3 and month 6 of your journey, but if caused by low carb, WILL go away.

There are things that reportedly "help" for it - but I can't say for certain, as the issue does correct itself anyway - so maybe that's why some may think it works? Things you CAN do though, is make sure your meals are nutrient dense (great green list veggies daily!) and varied.

The good news is - if it was brought on by your new low carb way of eating - it will rectify itself.

The bad news is - once it starts, going back to high carb won't stop it. Once the process has begun, the hairs will fall out. (Although, going back to high carb would be bad news in itself!)

The Conclusion:
You dont need to use anything as it will grow back by itself, but some people have said to use things like Biotin (supplement), Natur Vital hair loss treatment, add bergamot essence to your shampoo, have some bone broth daily (natural collagen), eat nutrient dense vegetables, have a varied diet (change it up) and stick to banting! It is the best thing you can do for yourself! 😉

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