Heart Palpitations while Banting

❤ Heart Palpitations ❤
A common question lately seems to be - what's up with the heart palpitations?

When starting out on a low carb diet, it seems to be common that some experience an elevated heart rate, or sometimes you can "feel" your heart beating stronger. Often this is caused by something as simple as a lack of salt and drinking water. I know, seems crazy hey?

The easiest and fastest way to curb this issue is to increase salt and water/fluid intake. If this doesn't stop it completely, it could also be your stress hormone trying to regulate and maintain your blood sugar levels - BUT - It should regulate in a week or so. So have some salt in some water, and increase the amount of water you drink. 

Remember though that if you feel uncomfortable at all, go see a banting friendly doctor to set your mind at ease (list in files).

If you're diabetic however - you need to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and liase with your doctor about lowering your intake of insulin and diabetes medication! :) 💙


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