Fish Roe / Vis Kuite

Absolutely nutritious!
Growing up in the cape, most will know all about this. Boats coming into harbour, snoek being vlekked open, masses of roe...

These values are per tablespoon worth of roe...this is really a great product to include in your diet!

Look at the omega 3 values here!!


1 egg
2 heaped tbs heba pap
Salt and pepper to taste
Holsum for frying
Fish roe


Melt enough holsum to be able to deep fry the fish roe.
Put pot on medium-high heat.
Add an egg to one bowl and the heba and seasoning to another.
Beat egg.
Clean fish roe, coat in egg mixture then lay in heba pap mixture until well coated.
Drop carefully into heated holsum and deep fry until firm.
Drain on paper towel and serve warm with generous lashings of salt and vinegar!


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