Thursday, 1 February 2018

Practical Kitchen Water Saving Tips

1. Cook vegetables in the microwave. You only need a tiny amount of water, and you can reuse that water for your other vegetables and the same container to cook the others in too.

2. Try to braai atleast once a week - take out enough protein for atleast 3 nights. It can be different meats - but that way you save on coal/wood, Cooking time, and extra pans/pots.

3. Eat off paper plates then Save all your paper plates and burn them on the fire after you have cooked your meal. 

4. If you dont want to use paper plates, use clingwrap over your normal dinner plates - when you're done eating - just remove it, and put your plate back in the cupboard.

5. Buy some disposable foil containers to use in the oven for tray bakes - an when making them, be sure to make enough for at least 2 nights. Use them for roast vegetables - if you dont burn anything, you can Place in the fridge once cooled - and reuse again the next night.

6. Try to make foods you can eat with your hands...roasted veggies on a skewer and chicken pieces or ribs etc. 

7. If there are bakes you would like to make - make individual ones in muffin cases. This can be done for cheesecakes etc too. 

8. If you will be having a creamy sauce and use the last of your cream cheese - serve the sauce in the cream cheese tub.

9. Take your meats out the day before and allow to defrost naturally or if you must defrost the same day - use the microwave defrost function for this.

10. Use some detergent mixed with water in a spray bottle to spray onto kitchen surfaces to keep it clean with minimal water use.

11. Line your baking dishes with foil, grill your chops or vegetables then simply peel the foil off and pack your dish away.

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