Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tin Roof Ice Cream - No machine required!

I know this one has been long awaited. My issue was getting the chocolate sauce just right.


60g almonds
500ml cream
5 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
6 tbs sweetener
1 tsp cocoa
3 tbs MCT oil


Separate eggs.
Beat whites till stiff.
Beat cream till stiff.
To the yolks, add vanilla and 4 tbs sweetener and beat till foamy and thick.
Using either a liquidiser or a stick blender - mix together the cocoa, MCT oil and 2 tbs sweetener. It should become thicker.
Toast nuts in a pan and then roughly chop.
Fold together egg white, cream, almonds. and egg yolk mix till well incorporated.
Using a ladle - put 1-2 ladles of ice cream mix in a Freezer safe container, then using a tablespoon, spoon over some of the chocolate MCT oil.
Do this until it is all finished, and the 2lt container is full.
Freeze for at least 6 hours.

Note: The point of the MCT oil is that MCT oil doesn't freeze solid. By making it into a chocolate sauce, it is what is needed to make this work. I have tried other things but it just doesn't work.
You can buy MCT oil from dischem, food lovers or any health store.


  1. How do you stop the ice-cream from crystallising?

  2. What is MCT oil?

  3. I think I beat cream too much, it now wants to taste like butter :(

  4. Can you please update to show net carb, fat & protein per portion and how many servings per recipe.
    Many thanks


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