Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Secret To Banting

The question always asked on #FOF (Face off Friday) posts are - "What's your secret?".
It's simple.

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Get to know your Lists.

Take a moment by yourself and write down a list of reasons why you wish to Bant. You may have medical issues which may be helped by eating clean - you may have a few kilo's to lose - write this down - write down how you're feeling that makes you want this. Next time you're faced with the choice of a red list item - whip out your list and read it. This will make the next point easier
DON'T CHEAT. Not only are you setting yourself up for falling off the wagon completely (and yes, one bite CAN do that) - the chances of you experiencing stomach ache and headaches are very good!

 Prepare for your week ahead.
Make a few extra portions of foods for those "in case" moments - freeze these.

It's all fine and well going "Cold Turkey" and not having desserts - but having Banting Friendly ones could very well save you from falling off this wagon - and that's the ultimate goal here - don't let ANYONE tell you any different. So have a look through the banting friendly desserts.
If bread is your thing, you can always bake the best banting bread, portion it off and freeze it for those "in case" moments too - because remember, keeping you banting is the important bit.
Remember that the Green list is your "always" list - you can always have these items - whereas Orange list is your "sometimes" list. It's your choice whether to have these Orange list items often or seldom.
Try to enjoy your journey and not see this as a diet.
Look for the current challenges to help keep you on track - if you need a more formal way of doing this. They normally include meal plans. And they're ALL free!

Don't compare your progress to someone elses. They will start with different issues to you, and they will encounter different ones on their journey too.

Keep at it. You may stumble along your way but instead of focusing on that - make your very next meal a Banting one. There's no need to "start on Monday".

And lastly but most importantly - GET YOUR RATIOS.
They're the BEST way to lose weight.
To get them, download the Carb Wise App!

For the Love of Banting

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