Easy Granadilla Ice Cream - No Machine required!

Base recipe by Kamba Mpenge


6 eggs
500ml cream
4 Tbs sweetener
2 tsp vanilla extract
200g granadilla pulp (pulp scooped fresh from granadilla)


You will need 3 bowls.
Separate eggs placing Whites in one and yolks in another.
Whip whites until stiff peaks are formed.
In the third bowl, add the cream and whip until stiff too.
To the yolks, add the sweetener, vanilla and granadilla - mix until well combined and sweetener dissolved.
Fold the whipped egg whites and whipped cream into each other, then do the same with the yolk granadilla mixture.
Place into a freezer safe container.
Place in freezer and freeze until set.
Recipe makes 2lt.

2 scoops = 150ml = 2.6g net carbs

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