Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Cabbage Roti/Paratha


1 whole cabbage head
1 tbs psyllium husk
Salt to taste


Chop the cabbage into smallish pieces, add to a blender with water.
Liquidize until fine.

Strain through a kitchen cloth making sure to squeeze ALL the water out.

**** this step is very important or it won't work ***

Place the cabbage into a pan and cook any remaining moisture out.
Add seasoning and a tablespoon psyllium husk.
Stir continuously to combine, and until the mixture sticks together.
Remove from the heat.
Divide into a little bigger than golf balled sized bits of dough.
Between two pieces of cling wrap, roll the dough out to side plate sized rounds.
Heat a non stick pan with oil.
Remove the one side of cling wrap from the dough, and carefully place raw roti into pan, removing other cling wrap as you do.
Fry on either side until crisp and brown.
Enjoy as soon as done!

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