Your Banting Shopping List - Explained!

Sometimes its easier visualizing products to buy instead of having them by name.

Obviously listing every single product will take up all the storage space on your phone - but here are the basics. Most can be bought from most leading supermarkets, But I will explain each tab and what to look for below the list.

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Right at the top of the list are one of the items we get many questions regarding. Any 100% coffee is allowed - blends like Ricoffy or Frisco contain dextrose which make them red list. There are a few that are pure coffee and pure chicory - these are allowed too, but technically they're not pure coffee. If you see one at the shops, check ingredients. Caffeine does have the tendency in some people to stall weight loss when either you drink too much of it or you're sensitive to it and even one cup is too much. If you're losing steadily, fine. If you find yourself stalling - have a look at your caffeine consumption. Caffeine CAN spike insulin.


No slimming teas - Rooibos with no milk or cream is unlimited - the ones with caffeine should ideally be treated like coffee - if you find your weight loss stalling - cut down or cut it out. 


The safest of the allowed sweeteners is stevia - but it is an acquired taste (one which I will never acquire!) - some don't mind it - and others hate it. Erythritol is second best in that its affect on the gut is not as harsh as some experience with xylitol - but it is more expensive. Xylitol is the cheapest of the three, but also has the highest GI. Not quite enough to be too concerned though - but be aware it may cause gastrointestinal issues (the runs etc) - so you may want to go slow!


Something important to remember here is that all boxed creams and all ULTRA PASTEURIZED creams are not allowed. They undergo the same process that UHT milk goes through - which we don't suggest members use.


All pure butter is allowed. Cream and salt should ideally be the only ingredients. No margarines, no "medium fat spread", nothing of the sort allowed. Be careful of "butter spread" too - actually very little butter in those.


Yoghurt you have to remember to go slow on. Most have carbs that are 5g per 100g, so having a portion more than that may see you tipping your net carbs for the day into the red. There are better ones that are only strained yoghurts so they are lower carb too, but they are often difficult to find. If you do have access to it, and you can afford it - rather go for those.


Much like yoghurt, you have to watch your portions here. You can't drink glasses of it - as it is quite dense in carbs from the lactose present - but the cool thing with amasi is that if you strain it through a kitchen cloth in the fridge for atleast 24 hours - you make your own cream cheese! Such a winner!!


No processed cheeses are ever allowed, so if you see that word on your cheese, put it down. So many red list ingredients in those "cheeses" - most slices are made from processed cheese too - so if you normally buy sliced cheese - have a good look at the pack you usually buy and if yours is processed, go for proper cheese rather.


There are a few fruits on the green list - they are raspberries, prickly pear and rhubarb. Otherwise stick to green list veggies as much as possible. If you do stray over to the orange list - just work it into your ratios for the day and you're good to go.

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