Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Downside of Banting

More often than not, members are focused on what's "wrong" with Banting, instead of what's right with it. Believe me, there is a lot that's right with Banting, but that's not why we are here.

The Downside of Banting.

We have a few downsides to this lifestyle, but I bet you wouldn't be expecting these!

1. It's expensive.

Yip, you heard me right. Banting/LCHF is expensive.
You will need a whole new wardrobe, and what we have seen, most have a new hairstyle to go with their new wardrobe.
If you're married or if you wear rings, you will likely need to resize them too!

2. Many people you know will be jealous.

No, Seriously. Many may not be able to handle your success. 
You will hear all kinds of horror stories - especially when people see your success. It's the human condition!

3. You are no longer repulsed by fat.

Don't laugh. No, seriously, don't.
There are many that are repulsed by the look of this. You will probably get strange looks from the butcher, or perhaps the lady sitting next to you at a restaurant when you ask for their fattiest steak...
You will need to either a) ignore it, or my favourite - b) explain why. You could very well change a life!

4. Your doctor may be seeing a whole lot less of you.

So maybe this is less of a problem for you than it is for him/her, but Banting seems to reduce the need to visit your doctor as frequently. So many are off their Blood Pressure medicine, their diabetes medicine, etc.
(Obviously your doctor will need to see you to monitor this! Please, never go off any medicine by yourself - always discuss this with your doctor first!)

5. You may actually have to cook

And what's more - you may, *gasp* - actually find you LOVE it!
SO many have learnt a lot cooking wise, and enjoy "making up" dishes.
I know when I first joined the group, I was like - how the hell do I put these dishes together? I have always loved cooking, but how it was normally was - Choose a meat, choose a starch - good to go. Now I actually have to pair vegetables together with meat? Whaaaat??
But hey, look at me now!

6. Strangers may start talking to you

This may seem a little creepy, but if you're going to pick up that bag of xylitol, or that pack of seed crackers - or even when you start picking up that tin and scrutinizing ingredients and nutritional information - chances are good someone may come up to you and ask you if you're banting. Why? Because they recognise the body language. They see themselves in you - looking at labels, buying similar foods. Hey - this is a good thing. They may be able to tell you of a bargain they have found in your area!

So, as you can see from the above - Banting really does have a downside - and it's totally not what you think it is!!

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