Friday, 19 May 2017

Top 14 Lowest Carb Vegetables

Top 14 CommonLowest CarbVegetables

Ok ok, Some on the list are technically not a vegetable but rather classified as a fruit, but they're really good for you - and we eat them more with savoury dishes than we ever would with sweet dishes.

The list goes to show that you can definitely eat an abundance of vegetables while going low carb. Lets take spinach for example. If you're wanting to keep your carbs to 25g or less per day and you have to choose a vegetable to do so, spinach would rank up there in terms of ones to choose!

At only 1.4g net carbs, you could easily have over a kilo and a half of spinach BY YOURSELF and still have a few carbs left for your cup of coffee with cream!

Lets take something more meaty, so to speak - like Gem Squash. The flesh of an average gem squash weighs 100g. If gem squash was your choice of vegetable, you could eat 7 and a half gem squash for the day - and have some carbs to spare!

I think you're getting the idea here...

Interesting fact - Olives and Avocados have a great amount of fat too...

For instance, Avocados have a 15% fat content

And Olives have an 11% fat content!

Have a look below at the list of Lowest Carb Vegetables...
Which do you love?

Click on the image below for a high resolution image!

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