Green List Jam - Cowboy Candy - Sonnett Van Zyl

Something different!
Prickly pear Jam ,  also known as
 'cowboy candy'
And before you ask, yes they are green list and below 5g carbs per 100g , so totally legit

I had a few lonely prickly pears that I was gifted a while back and they have all ripened at once and didn't want them to go to waste , so I decided to try something different.
To be honest, I love it and you would too if you are a fan of melon and ginger jam. The ginger is optional and can be left out.

I used Suki as the sweetener , which is a blend of stevia and xylitol to make this and reduced beautifully to make the syrup liquid and the natural pectin from the fruit assists in thickening naturally too

I made a small batch with the 5 I had , but I reckon 1kg should easily fill one jar.


1kg prickly pears  (peeled, rinsed and cut into cubes)
1 tbs fresh ginger , grated **(optional)
vanilla beans **(optional)
6 to 7 Tbsp xylitol
Enough water to cover them  


In a pot , place the diced prickly pears and add the water and sweetener . Make sure you have sufficient water to cover them

Bring to a rapid boil for around 5minutes
Reduce the head to low and continue to cook for another 40minutes or until the liquid has reduced almost more than half and the fruit is soft and slightly translucent.

Allow to cool slightly and transfer into a clean sterilized  jar.

Enjoy on banting seed crackers or banting bread or as an accompaniment with cheese

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