Chalkboard Glass Jars

Ok, so this is not entirely banting, but it is kind of.
It is better to store the stuff you make or have in glass than it is in plastic as plastic leeches chemicals into your foods.
I have been saving all the jars, but sometimes you need to know whats in it as it may not be an ingredient that is so quick and easy to spot.

Chalkboard Painted storage Jars

Besides from the actual Chalkboard paint, you will need the following:

Benzine and an old cloth to remove any stickiness that would still be on the bottle

Masking Tape to mark off the area you wish to paint

A small paint brush


First soak your jars in hot soapy water.
Allow them to soak for around 20 minutes.
Remove any labels and wash jars.
In a well ventilated area, remove the glue that is still left on the jars using a cloth and benzine.
Allow the jars to dry properly.
Mark the area you wish to paint with the masking tape.
Paint a thin coat of paint in the demarcated area.
Allow to dry, then paint the second layer making sure that the entire area is painted.
Remove the masking tape and allow to dry properly before using.
The same can be done with the lids - this is the finished product...

This is the jars with foods inside!

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