Is a LCHF/Banting Lifestyle Dangerous?

We see these articles, blog posts, sometimes even YouTube videos daily.
Is a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle Dangerous?

The answer is simple: If you're doing it like its advised, then no.

But what does that mean?

Well, it means you can't cheat, and if you do, it certainly can't become a habit. That's however often the problem with letting a red list item back into your life once. It snowballs. Many who have done it can attest to it, and some are still living in denial as to their willpower to stop the regular cheats.

You can't live both sides of this. You can't do the high fat yumminess and still include high carb chemically laden things into your diet. That is a recipe for disaster and not what Banting/LCHF is about at all.

So - what are your options?

I have the lists up here - use these, follow them, share them, print them, memorize them if need be. If you don't stray off those lists, you're good to go.

You health will improve, your weight will improve and you will feel it. But what if your weight doesn't improve? Well, have a look at this list to see where you're going wrong. If you want to streamline your weightloss though, do download the Carb Wise app.

That's not why we're here today though - we are here to talk about what could go wrong on your LCHF journey. We have spoken about heart palpitations, we have spoken about hair loss but Diet Doctor has a great resource where all of this is pretty much summed up for you here:

He speaks of general "Carb Flu", Keto Rash, Constipation, Leg cramps - to name but a few. 

What about the dreaded Cholesterol?

The best article I have ever read regarding this was by Dr Zoe Harcombe - you Can read about it here.
Here's an excerpt from it though:

"Many of the comments start with people saying that they have high cholesterol. First of all – do you? Or are you part of the scam to make you think that your cholesterol is high because normal has been re-defined?
If your cholesterol is anywhere on those normal charts (2-10 mmol/l = 77-387 mg/dl) – you may like to stop worrying."

What about Ketosis? I heard its dangerous?

Well, no. Ketosis is the desirable state you want to find yourself in. Ketoacidosis is the term used that refers to being dangerous and only happens in a rare group of people - see image below:

If you're ever concerned about anything and would like a professionals opinion on the matter - please contact a Banting/LCHF friendly doctor close to you - here is the list.

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