Chicken Noodle Soup

There are always a few things you miss going low carb, and the comforting chicken noodle soup must be one of them. Skinny Pasta made from Konjac root is perfect for banters due to their zero carbs. 

Super simple chicken broth, so affordable and so delicious!

For the broth:

Leftover chicken carcass with breasts attached
Leftover roasted veggies
5 cups Water
3 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 pack chicken necks


Fry chicken necks in pot.
Add remaining ingredients and bring to the boil.
Put in hay bag or slow cooker, or turn down low and allow to cook overnight (hay bag is cheapest!).
The following day, drain the broth, and flake the chicken meat into the broth.

For the soup:

Rinse Skinny Pasta thoroughly.
Warm chicken soup either in pot or in microwave until it just comes to the boil.
Add salt to taste.
Add skinny Pasta noodle shape and stir. Eat after a few minutes...

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