Banting Breakfast #2 - Chantal McCarthy


3 Rashers Streaky Bacon 
1 piece Thuringer German Sausage
2 Eggs
Dash of fresh cream 
4 Mushrooms
1/4 Avo (sliced)
1 Thickly sliced piece of tomato
Chopped chives 


Fry bacon and sausage in pan till done. Remove from pan and add dash of butter.  Add mushrooms* (see tip below) and tomato slice and fry till till done. 

Beat your eggs with cream and add to clean pan and scramble until done. Plate up and enjoy :) Garnish eggs with freshly chopped chives and season with pink salt.

*Never rinse mushrooms, they love liquid so will take on all the water and make your mushrooms soggy. Instead, gently wipe with roller towel or a clean cloth.

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