Banting Beef Stroganoff - Kim Young Blom


900g rump steak sliced into strips
80-100g Heba Pap
Mixed dried herbs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Dried coriander spice
200g mushrooms sliced
200g bacon chopped
500ml Cream


Mix herb and spices into Heba pap and roll beef strips in the dry mix to coat.
Set aside. 
Fry chopped bacon in ghee and set aside. Using same pan fry  sliced mushrooms adding extra ghee if needed and remove from pan. Then fry coated beef strips in batches in ghee. Scrape out Heba in between batches so that it doesn't burn in the pan.
Once all batches fried, put mushrooms bacon and beef back in pan and pour in cream. Heat gently to thicken cream slightly and serve on top of baby marrow zoodles that have been stirfried in coconut oil.