Chicken Nuggets

When we change our way of eating, its always easier to do so as a family - but the transition is somewhat harder for kids that don't understand WHY we have to stop eating that processed packaged goods - and why we need to start eating meals made at home - self prepared.

These are a great addition, and my son - that used to love chicken nuggets - can't tell the difference with these.

(These don't have to just be kiddies meals - they can be fun for grown ups or even great for party snacks too!)

2 Chicken Breasts or 200g chicken mince
1.5 tbs heba pap (and more to dust)
1 egg white
Salt and Pepper to taste
Holsum or Coconut oil for frying


Mince the Chicken breasts until fine.
If you don't have a mincer, throw into food processor.
Mix with the heba pap, egg white and season to taste, mixing thoroughly.
Shape into nugget shapes - or if you're adventurous, use a small cookie cutter to make shapes.
Dust with a little seasoned Heba Pap.
In a frying pan, heat 2 tbs coconut oil or holsum, and fry off nuggets until golden.
Enjoy with a dipping sauce!

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