Butternut, Chicken and Coconut Soup

Who doesn't love butternut soup?
What's even better is this is a full meal as it contains chicken too!!


2 Large Butternuts
5 Baby Marrows
2 Large Lemon Grass
2 Onions
4 celery stalks
4 leeks
500ml dry white wine
4.5lt chicken stock
8 chicken thighs
Salt to taste
Olive oil to fry vegetables
1 tin coconut milk



Peel, de-seed, chop and roast butternut until cooked (approximately 1 hour).
Chop all other vegetables, bruise lemongrass and saute in olive oil along with the chicken thighs.
Add the butternut, then the wine and stock.
Either slow cook for 2 hours+, use a pressure cooker or use a haybag to finish off the soup.
Once done, debone chicken, remove lemongrass and liquidize in batches.
Add desired amount of seasoning and 1 can coconut milk.
Stir and serve.

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