12 Steps to Proper Banting

Banting 12 Steps Program.

1. Start from the beginning.
..read the beginners guide to banting and get to know as much information as possible from the get go.

2. Show up to the party, daily.

..start your first meal banting - that usually helps to set yourself up to have a great Banting day!

3. Recognize that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else's.

..don't compare yourself to others, this is YOUR journey, not theirs.

4. Stop looking for a secret trick.

..there's no secret pill, potion, shake or tea that's going to speed this up. Get to know what you should eat it, and work on what your body needs.

5. Recognize the opportunity at hand.

..ask as many questions as possible. There really is no such thing as a stupid question. Why? Because you're left being informed. How can that make it stupid?


6. Observe yourself.
..see which foods work for YOU and which don't. You’ll get the hang of it very soon.

7. Identify your bad habits.

..we all have them, for some, its snacking - others is dessert after every meal.

8. Create a routine.

..often what's the most difficult part of curbing any addiction is the fact that we are so used to doing certain things at a certain time. Having a packet of chips on our way home from work to tide us over until dinner or an energy drink on the way to work in the morning. Change it up. Grab a cup of coffee to go in the morning, or make sure you have a great lunch so you don't need that snack on your way home.

9. Focus.

..think what you wish to achieve from this. It could be correcting health, it could be losing weight, it could be both - but focus on why YOU want this for YOU.

10. Slow down.

..this is not a race. I can't emphasize it enough. You are in competition with no one, and there isn't a time limit on getting healthy. You didn't pick up all the wright in a month, expect that there will be weight loss, but there may also be times that it may stall. Don't rush it. Getting yourself stressed out over it will actually do more harm than good.

11. Implement.

..implement strategies in your home that's going to make your life easier. Do a cupboard clean out, do meal planning and prep on weekends to make cooking during the week a breeze.

12. Love Yourself.

..this is the most important one of them all. Whether you're at the weight you don't want to be, or at goal - love yourself enough to want to be healthy, then this will work for you because its something you want BECAUSE you love yourself.

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