Banting Pap Recipes

Whether you call it pap or nshima or fufu, what many miss going low carb is the starchiness they had with their meals.

With the vegetable varieties though, you're still low carb, but adding the benefits of veggies to your diet too.

Tips to get the perfect result every time:

1. Be sure to press out as much water as humanly possible, then to cook off any that is left.
2. Don't add too much psyllium husk to your mix.
3. If you're using the psyllium husk powder - make sure to reduce the amount you use as it is finer so 1 tbs of the actual husk will be the equivalent of about 1 tsp of the husk powder. If possible, just rather get the husks. (Health Connection or Food Lovers Market also have a brand).
4. If you're reducing the amount of veggies used for the pap, be sure to reduce the amount of psyllium too!

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