Monday, 24 April 2017

Homemade Butter - a How to Guide

Lets face it, butter is pretty expensive.
Often, I buy cream on special and before we get to use it all up, its gone sour. Now you can use this to make your own butter!

Here's how! I have included a YouTube video and a guide with photos...
Here's the YouTube video:

First, Gather your ingredients and either a Kitchen machine as shown or a handheld blender.
You can do it with a whisk but it may take a while!

This is what you're left with, The butter and buttermilk will separate.

Put some ice in some cold water

With your hands or a sieve, separate the Butter from the buttermilk then put the butter into the ice bath to "rinse" it. What this does is washes the buttermilk off (Less chance of the butter going off).

Press down in a dish, salt if you wish. This will allow you to remove the water from the butter.
Refrigerate and enjoy!

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