Low-Carb Alcohol Low Down - What can I drink while Banting?

Alcohol while Banting?

You need to be careful because your weight loss may stall. Your body sees alcohol as a toxin, and will burn the alcohol before it burns any foods or fat stores. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions - so that red listed item may look even more tempting. All of this, however, depends on you!

Whether or not you drink any form of alcohol is completely up to you... 

Most Banters choose wine and champagne (dry white or red) - some choose lite beer, but remember - beer is made from grains which you may be sensitive to, so its relatively personal choice - as all alcohol is. Spirits are all zero carb but do remember they're relatively high in calories - and watch what you mix it with!

Here are guides to help you decide on what to have to at least keep your carbs low...


The correct wines to choose are generally the dry varieties of red, white and champagne. Their alcohol content is a little higher than their sweet counterparts, but their carbs are lower. A little tip is to make a champagne spritzer - half champagne with half soda water.
 Its best to steer clear of dessert wines or sherries and ports.

Beers, Ciders or Coolers

As has been said above, beer can be an issue - not only because most contain a considerable amount of carbs - but because they're made with grains.
From the picture above - if you must have - choose wisely.


As you can see - spirits don't contain carbs. Their mixers however do. If you choose something - go for things like Whiskey and water - or Vodka with soda water and a squeeze of lime. 

NEVER choose mixers like soda's or juices. They're sugar laden - so will cause more harm.

Remember to always stay safe and have a designated driver if you're choosing to go out and have alcohol.