Skinny Pasta - konjac root pasta (glucomannan)

The latest talk is about this new found "pasta" alternative.
Lab results suggest that they contain a minute amount of tapioca (0.5%) so they're fine in that respect.

The questions however are:
What is it?
Is it banting friendly?
What are the benefits?

To answer this, I have found a great article on this. It is said to help a with digestive issues too (think constipation" and is an awesome prebiotic - amongst other things. it banting friendly? At those carb levels, and with the given ingredients, YES! I have seen the lab report for this so have seen the exact amounts of tapioca etc.

Here is a great excerpt from the article:

"People in East Asia have used konjac fiber, also known as glucomannan powder, for thousands of years as both food and traditional medicine. The indigenous people of China have used konjac to treat asthma, breast pain, coughs, hernias, burns and various skin disorders. Fast-forward to present day and scientific studies have revealed that supplementing with konjac glucomannan can significantly lower plasma cholesterol, improve carbohydrate metabolism, encourage bowel movements and promote a healthy colon." ~ Dr Axe.

Below the package pictures, please see an info graphic for more information!

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